Joining the Band

Joining the Band

Membership Fee

The Band keeps its membership fee low to enable participation by musicians from all walks of life. To enquire about joining click here.

New Members FAQs

I can play, but I’m out of practice. Can I still join?

Sure can. We’ll help you get back up to speed.

Can I bring my own instruments?

Absolutely. Most pipers have their own pipes, but most drummers use the Band’s instruments.

I don’t have an instrument. Will the Band supply me with one?

The band has its own instruments and will gladly issue them to active player-members.

Do I have to compete?

Band members are not compelled to take part in competitions. The choice is yours.

What other expenses might I incur?

Being a member of the Band needn’t cost you a fortune. If you wish to attend piping schools and competitions, there will be costs involved, but the Band attempts to subsidize them as far as practicable. Participation in away events is never compulsory.

How do I join?

Get started here


Send us an enquiry here, select Joining the Band from the dropdown menu, tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll contact you to get you started.